FRIDAY, AMINE KOUIDER returns to the DEPOT live in concert. The musician and filmmaker who hails from Algiers will present his unique blend of worldbeat music. Always entertaining and engaging with a little bit of everything.

SATURDAY evening, long-time musical collaborators and first rate compadres Frank Cenatori and Jimmy Moore combine forces with Tim “SHOTS!” Carey, Daniel Gorman and Dr Jon Cutler to reprise the local legendary ROMAN CADILLACS, a popular Fairfield rock band from the 90s. A throwback to the backseat of a black Cadillac spinning its wheels at a Cadillac ranch under a clear blue sky, feelin’ alright!

Rock, blues, soul, British invasion, reggae, country and more. Musical medicine from the heartland for the soles of your feet. Gentlemen and women, start your engines!

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