The action rolls out steady as always in Fairfield’s Artisan Eden. This Friday, it’s classic rockishness with the BANDOLIERS. Imagine Pancho Villa shooting from the hip inside a gondolier and drinking vino while squinting eastwood and you begin to get the general idea. Cenatori, Carey, Overmyer & Moore. Friday night the DJ honors go to DJ EVAN on EARTH who is out of this world, 11pm to close.

Saturday it’s the DEPOT debut of mighty mighty jazz acolytes 3=ONE. Trad trappings by a delectably seasoned trio that own the stage with their own unique mastery. Shawn Medeiros, Mike Cantafio and George Foster. Not to be missed. Speaking of masterful, DJ VILLANOVA $LIM commands the dance floor 11pm to close.

JUST A REMINDER! Speaking of not to be missed, next Friday August 17th, the one and only (And)rogyny presents CIRQUE Du VonTeeze, another no hold’s barred romp and a half into the magic of the imagination. This time with a big top feel.

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