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The Depot Brewery: A Work of Art, A Labor of Love, A Musical Mecca

Fairfield’s newest, and some say sexiest, musical venue, located at the corner of 4th and Depot, opened its doors with a star spangled banner 4th of July weekend 2016! “The eagle flies on Friday, Saturday we go out to play.” –T-Bone Walker First envisioned twenty years ago, this striking, one of a kind, solar-powered, completely […]

A Labor of Love – Take a Look

The DEPOT BREWERY began as a vision of Bob and Judy Bernards 20 years ago when they purchased the depot train building in Fairfield, Iowa. The dream was to create a neighborhood family business in the heart of New Chicago, an area so named, some say, back as 1870 from the blacksmithing and train hub that connected […]

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Welcome to Fairfield’s Artisan Eden

The Depot Brewery is Fairfield’s newest musical nightspot and ace watering hole. Bob and Judy Bernards have created a wayfarers’ paradise by the railroad tracks at the corner of Depot and 4th Street in an area once dubbed New Chicago. Four years in the making, infused with handcrafted aesthetics by the work of over a […]